Exploring Song Bowls and Sound

It is no secret on my blog that I started meditating in 2015 to combat my migraines and anxiety. With that, I entered a mental space where I wanted to try different meditation techniques to see which worked best for me.

Sound became critical to my meditation practices. I migrated towards nature and ambient sounds, as I found these sounds to be most relaxing. However, others find moving the body through yoga or dance, or sitting in silence, as valuable forms of meditation. Through my experience, I encourage anyone looking to meditate to try various styles to find what best fits them.

I have tried light baths, sound baths, group meditation, yoga, and more to come to the conclusion that sound impacts me most.

I came across Tibetan singing bowls early on in my meditation journey and own one bowl of my own. I used tutorials online to learn how to play and, with my Masters research, learned the long history of the bowl.

On the spiritual side, I resonate with the concepts of vibration and frequency offering healing properties, much like binaural beats (to learn more please visit my previous blog: https://coreopulencemusic.com/2022/06/23/a-look-into-binaural-beats-aesthetics-vs-function/). With that, I recently completed a song bowl class that showcased how to heal others through special techniques of playing the bowls.

In the future I hope to cultivate this skill and offer free sessions for song baths so others can experience this form of meditation.

(Photos from the song bowl class 18th June 2022).

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