Winner of SU Society of the Year (2020 & 2021): Building a Successful Doctoral Students Society

About the Doctoral Students Society The Doctoral Students Society (DSS) is a post graduate researcher society at the University of Wolverhampton. Established in December 2019 by three dedicated PGRs (committee list below), the society aims to bring doctoral students together for social events, networking, and sharing of ideas. The DSS welcomes anyone from full-time toContinue reading “Winner of SU Society of the Year (2020 & 2021): Building a Successful Doctoral Students Society”

Reimagining the art of listening: Soundscape design paired with photography (BARN Virtual Colloquia)

Happy to share I will be presenting my research: Reimagining the art of listening: Soundscape design paired with photography. Join me on 11/11/21 at the British Audio-Visual Research Network (BARN) Virtual Colloquia, an international, virtual community of scholars and practitioners from all disciplines engaged with the study of music and sound in audio-visual media. ToContinue reading “Reimagining the art of listening: Soundscape design paired with photography (BARN Virtual Colloquia)”

What I’ve Learned after Organizing a Symposium

Earlier this year I was voted to be a Student Committee Member for the Royal Music Associations (RMA). With this role, the Student Committee (made up of 6 dedicated students) engage with the RMA student community and aim to bring students and research together: The RMA Student Committee liaises between the wider student body andContinue reading “What I’ve Learned after Organizing a Symposium”

Launching Music & Mental Health Group

Music & Mental Health Group is a community of students, staff, independent scholars/musicians & recent graduates that advocate music & mental health in a hybrid way. #MMHGroup #MentalHealthMatters The aim is to spread mental health awareness through research, advocacy/action and creative solutions. We liaise with existing establishments whilst also gathering data and information to betterContinue reading “Launching Music & Mental Health Group”

Photography Competition Winner #wlvARC2021

The Annual Researcher Conference (ARC) at the University of Wolverhampton is hosted during Researchers’ Week each year. “Researchers’ Week aims to provide postgraduate researchers with the opportunity to develop their research skills and knowledge development, as well as their networks with other researchers and their community of practice” (Source: University of Wolverhampton). This year Researchers’Continue reading “Photography Competition Winner #wlvARC2021”

Teaching my first Undergraduate Seminar

I am happy to say that on 6th May 2021 I taught my first undergraduate lecture for the School of Performing Arts at the University of Wolverhampton. Title: Rediscovering & reimagining spaces through soundscape design & multimedia  Description: Sounds are elements that make up the environments we interact with. With our perceptions, sounds are associated withContinue reading “Teaching my first Undergraduate Seminar”

Soundscape or Ambience? ‘Alternate Reality Cafe’

This piece was inspired by living in lockdown. Since lockdown started over a year ago, I had to transform my kitchen into a makeshift café to help get my coffee fix throughout the day. I wanted to create a different sense of ambience that we would usually hear in a typical café (like jazz orContinue reading “Soundscape or Ambience? ‘Alternate Reality Cafe’”

Making of Heavy Rain + Piano Soundscape #CoreOpulence

The soundscape of my living environment changed over the course of the past few months, especially with the implementation of the third UK lockdown. Once busy streets and loud, popular pubs keeping me awake at night, are no more. Traffic is light and people are keeping to themselves. Though there is a change in soundContinue reading “Making of Heavy Rain + Piano Soundscape #CoreOpulence”

By the River Thames: Soundscape of Bridge Gardens

I traveled to Maidenhead’s riverside Bridge Gardens with the goal of capturing sound field recordings and photographs of the river. Little did I know, I would stumble to find more than just geese! The Ada Lewis Memorial Fountain was placed in Bridge Gardens in 2010. Originally a drinking trough for horses in the 1908, theContinue reading “By the River Thames: Soundscape of Bridge Gardens”

Abbey Ruins: Soundscape + Recording

This is a snippet of some sounds I recorded during the Abbey Ruins (Reading, UK) Christmas Light show in December 2020. Though the light and sound show at the Abbey Ruins was an immersive, in-person soundscape experience. I wanted to capture this moment and transform it to a virtual soundscape environment based off what IContinue reading “Abbey Ruins: Soundscape + Recording”

RMA Student Rep Elections: Vote for me!

*Update: Thank you to all who voted! I am now a student committee member and will serve a 2 year term. To learn more about the RMA please visit: Are you part of the Royal Music Association #RMA? The Student Rep elections are now open! I am running in this election and would love yourContinue reading “RMA Student Rep Elections: Vote for me!”

Epping Forest Stop Motion + Vocal Soundscape

This is a quick upload of some of the art I am currently exploring for my PhD research in music/ soundscapes. What I have come to find is anything can really be a soundscape because noise is all around us! Whether we are listening to traffic, or having the radio on in the car, soundContinue reading “Epping Forest Stop Motion + Vocal Soundscape”

Changes to the Creative Process through Autoethnography, Auto-Ethnomethodology and Reflective Practice

An ethnomethodology is an examination of common cultural actions, beliefs, and behaviors that make sense of everyday life. This is done through researching communications of everyday people through speech and other interactions (Allen 2017). However, ‘auto’ differentiates this method by prefixing ‘self’ to ethnomethodology. Instead of focusing on the standard or perhaps alternative ways ofContinue reading “Changes to the Creative Process through Autoethnography, Auto-Ethnomethodology and Reflective Practice”

World Suicide Prevention Day, 10th September 2020: My Story

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day and I wanted to share my story. I just turned 30. With this age comes a lot of funny stories and happy memories, but the dichotomy of life brings the painful reminders and scars too. Though I have experienced good moments, often these positive events are outweighed by theContinue reading “World Suicide Prevention Day, 10th September 2020: My Story”

From Sound Art to Soundwalk: Narrowing my PhD Focus

Throughout this first year as a PhD student my work has undergone many changes in direction and exploration. Having a creative practice PhD allows for this type of shift and change, which is a benefit when trying to contextualize or make sense of the work I am creating. At first, my focus was on meditationContinue reading “From Sound Art to Soundwalk: Narrowing my PhD Focus”

Self Reflection and my Annual Progress Review (First Year as a PhD Student)

For my APR (Annual Progress Review), I have thought a lot about my work. Throughout this year, I noticed my tools, environment, and mental health have impacted my creative practice. Read more about these observations below: Music & Reflection Currently my materials are limited. I use my phone (galaxy s8) to do all recordings andContinue reading “Self Reflection and my Annual Progress Review (First Year as a PhD Student)”

ARC2020 Hosted by the University of Wolverhampton Photo Competition Winner

Thank you to those at the University of Wolverhampton and PGR’s who have voted for my photo for this year’s Doctoral Depictions Photo Competition. I am chuffed to have won first place and look forward to taking many more photos of my PhD journey. Here is my submission: Whilst collecting field recordings (to grow myContinue reading “ARC2020 Hosted by the University of Wolverhampton Photo Competition Winner”

Shower Thoughts Version 2, editing the sonic experience

After submitting and receiving feedback for Shower Thoughts v1 (Shower Thoughts in Self-Isolation: A Sonic Guided Journey) at the 21st Century Music Symposium, I was inspired to keep working with this idea and make changes based on the comments received. Not only that, but my opinions on the piece changed and I wanted to tryContinue reading “Shower Thoughts Version 2, editing the sonic experience”

Photography During Quarantine (Part II)

Whilst out collecting field recordings & building my sonic library, I take my camera and document what I see. The process: I walk to park areas and follow the government guidelines for social distancing. During the walk, I record noises and sounds that I find inspiring. At the same time, what I see inspires meContinue reading “Photography During Quarantine (Part II)”

Shower Thoughts in Self-Isolation: A Sonic Guided Journey

Guided meditation is a practice where the listener is guided through a sonic experience in order to achieve various results, usually in the form of finding peace or comfort. The instructor during these guided meditations may ask you to control your breathing, let go of unwanted thoughts, or focus on your visualization/ imagination, and mayContinue reading “Shower Thoughts in Self-Isolation: A Sonic Guided Journey”

Exploring ‘Noise’ vs ‘Sound’ Using Recordings from Outside

Social distancing is crucial at this time, as it is now mandated during the pandemic. We can only leave the house for essentials, which includes one daily exercise. This week I put my fitbit and facemask on to take a nice, spring walk outside. During my walk, I recorded the birds chirping and cars drivingContinue reading “Exploring ‘Noise’ vs ‘Sound’ Using Recordings from Outside”

Exploring Sonic Textures with Everyday Objects

Introduction to exploring sonic textures using everyday objects: After talking with my PhD advisors about my current research, we decided the next course of action would be to create some sonic textures to pair with what I have learned so far. After recording the sonic textures and compiling them together, I then compared the noise/soundContinue reading “Exploring Sonic Textures with Everyday Objects”

Photography during Quarantine

Before self-isolating to help combat the spread of the Coronavirus, I took a walk into the woods. My equipment: Headphones Music Camera I saw the flowers blooming, ducks in the creek, and leaves making their way back onto tree branches. The sun was bright and the wind was soft, making for a pleasant and peacefulContinue reading “Photography during Quarantine”

My first 6 months in a PhD program (UK)

It’s official. I have completed my first 6 months as a PhD student! What a journey it has been so far and plenty of lessons learned. Don’t get me wrong, normal day-to-day life still went on, but the PhD journey brings a splash of nuance that has transformed my world. Going through the process ofContinue reading “My first 6 months in a PhD program (UK)”

Troubled Kids & Meditation in Schools

Children displaying bad behaviors in school seems to be be an ongoing crisis in school districts across the United States. Most recently I heard about Philadelphia school district teacher troubles, where 50% of test scores in math, science, and English, do not pass proficiency (NBC10). Bad behavior impacts the child’s ability to learn and concentrate,Continue reading “Troubled Kids & Meditation in Schools”