The Uses of Literature: The Arts, Culture and Wellbeing in Times of Crisis (Art Exhibit)

What can the arts and literature do in the face of enormous catastrophe? Help us celebrate the vital necessity of art!

Date and time

Wed, 30 March 2022

16:30 – 18:30 BST


Wolverhampton Art Gallery

Lichfield Street



About this event

We are currently living through what feels like an unending series of international crises that are having a major impact on individuals and societies across the globe: a pandemic, war, and climate change are posing pressing questions about the future of an already precarious planet earth. What can the arts and literature do in the face of enormous catastrophe? Research shows that reading, writing, and other creative engagement can benefit wellbeing: it can relieve stress, anxiety and depression and forge a stronger community, for instance. What other effects can arts and literature have besides offering solace and critical perspectives? How can fiction help to counter fake news? How can it ameliorate trauma?

The Centre for Transnational and Transcultural Research invites you to this literary salon that brings together students and staff from the Humanities and beyond with the public to ask questions about the role of literature, culture and the arts in society – especially at a time of crises. You’ll be able to enjoy performances of literary work and engage in debates about the role of culture in our world – but most of all celebrate the vital necessity of art.

Performances and panel discussions with:

Max Berghege

Dr Daisy Black

Dr Lisa Blower

Dr Aidan Byrne

Charlotte Dunn

Dr R. M. Francis

Professor Sebastian Groes

Madison Miller

Ifemu Omari

Nneoma Otuegbe

Daniel Wiles

Free Registration on Eventbrite

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