Core Opulence Now on Spotify & SoundCloud




I am happy to announce Core Opulence is now available on Sportify and SoundCloud.

Core Opulence is a PhD music project that focuses on nature sounds and soundscapes. With my PhD research, I focus on YouTube as my primary source of soundscape sharing. This is due to a familiarity with this platform and my own experiences listening to and participating in YouTube guided meditations, ambient music, and other soundscapes. However, I understand offering soundscapes only on YouTube limits my listeners, and I am thrilled to be branching out to other platforms to help boost accessibility.

What to expect?

Spotify and SoundCloud will have condensed versions of the my nature soundscapes. This is a practical choice as I learn more about these platforms and might change in the future. I will also upload the same nature photography associated with my soundscapes that apply to the full-version YouTube video.

For example, the Rainy Stream Soundscape, in video format, is paired with a dark photo of leaves and water droplets with a duration of 2 hours 40 minutes on YouTube. For Spotify and SoundCloud, the same Rainy Stream Soundscape audio is cut down to 10 minutes, in MP3 format, and paired with the same photography as the album cover.

Rainy Stream Soundscape on SoundCloud:

Rainy Stream Soundscape on YouTube:

Rainy Stream Soundscape on Spotify:

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