Winner: The Ayokunle Falana Award for Leadership 2022

About the Awards

The Students Union Awards 2022 was hosted by the University of Wolverhampton Students Union 26th May 2022 at the Molineux.

The 11th annual awards ceremony had 19 awards to be awarded.

“This is the opportunity for students to show recognition and celebrate the achievements of University academic and non-academic staff, SU Staff and students who have helped make your life at University better.” – Students Union (University of Wolverhampton).

The Ayokunle Falana Award for Leadership Criteria:

  • Brings people together.
  • Motivates and inspires others to aim high and achieve (academically and non-academically)
  • Demonstrates exemplar behaviour and leads by example.
  • Nurtures talent.
  • Is courageous and stands up for others.


“Madison has put her heart and soul into creating and running the Doctoral Students’ Society for two years. She has created all our social media content from scratch, she manages all our event bookings and supervises the majority of our hang out sessions, even when she is super busy with all her own work as well. Madison continuously adapts the Society events to whatever the students need it to be; her passion is always to make everyone feel at home and to make sure that they know they have supportive friends here at the University. Her commitment and her dedication kept the DSS going all through the pandemic, and we have made lifelong friends because of her tenacity and her spirit. My student experience has been 100% improved by her.” – Anonymous

And the winner is….

Madison Miller

“Often I do work behind the scenes, making plans, promoting events, bringing people together. It’s a good feeling to know that not only is this effort seen and appreciated, but it has made a difference. I want to thank those students that went above and beyond for nominating me for this award and I look forward to building our friendships together.” – Madison Miller

To view previous winners visit:

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