Madison Miller at TEDx Wolverhampton on Nature Sounds and Relaxation During Times of Crisis.

The news is out! I am delighted to announce I will be a Tedx speaker at @TEDxWolves (Twitter) on 1st Oct 2022. There is a great line up of speakers and I can’t wait to network and share my knowledge on improving mental health through nature sounds!

About TEDx Wolverhampton 2022

“Our theme for 2022 is “Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre” in recognition of the journey many of us find ourselves on as we emerge into a new world post COVID’.

Mirror, signal, manoeuvre used to be one of the first rules we hear when learning to drive (now MSPSL) and is synonymous with keeping yourself and those around you safe, which has been a key message over the past few years.

At TEDxWolverhampton 2022 we’re exploring ideas that help us reflect (Mirror) on the past few years, indicate (Signal) the changes and adaptations we have to make in response to the changes around us and, more importantly, help us successfully determine the way forward (Manoeuvre).” – TEDx Wolverhampton

To learn more, please visit:

What life and career experiences will inform your TEDx talk?

PhD researcher in Soundscapes at the University of Wolverhampton, currently in my 3rd year exploring how nature sounds and nature photography improve relaxation. As someone who suffers from anxiety, my practice-based research project with an autoethnographic method explores how, through the creation and listening process, I find relaxation as a way of coping with CPTSD and anxiety. Additionally, I am in the process of being published with Sonic Scope, I am communications officer for the Music and Mental Health Group, student rep for the Royal Musical Association, Leadership Award winner 2022 with Students Union (University of Wolverhampton).

How will your talk relate to our Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre theme?

The Covid-19 caused stress for many of us. Stress is a major health concern, leading sufferers to develop poor physical health, anxiety, and depression. According to the Mental Health Foundation, “74% of UK adults have felt so stressed at some point over the last year they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope.”

Art during times of crisis is a topic I’ve explored during my latest art show at the University of Wolverhampton (March 2022). Though I suffer from anxiety and often experience stress, the Covid-19 crisis elevated my mental health concerns and to cope I would create imagined spaces using nature field recordings and nature photography from my self-meditation walks. Since most of us could not leave our homes, I generated soundscapes that allow listeners to take a mental break.

From the individual perspective, my research is autoethnographic, taking inspiration from my mental health journey. Throughout the years of testing coping mechanisms during therapy (CBT), I discovered meditation music and guided meditations, which significantly helped ease stress. My PhD journey started with a meditation focus and grew into a practice-based research project on nature recordings and nature photography.

The theme Mirror, Signal, Maneuver applies to using music as a tool to help cope during times of crisis. From a society standpoint, it is important to break the mental health stigma but also offer accessible ways of reducing stress. From an individual standpoint, it is important to reflect on triggers and find suitable coping skills that work best for you.

What are the talking points of your presentation?

Keywords: Soundscape, meditation, relaxation, stress, mental health, nature sound, nature photography, field recordings, creative practice, imagined spaces

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