Abbey Ruins: Soundscape + Recording

This is a snippet of some sounds I recorded during the Abbey Ruins (Reading, UK) Christmas Light show in December 2020. Though the light and sound show at the Abbey Ruins was an immersive, in-person soundscape experience. I wanted to capture this moment and transform it to a virtual soundscape environment based off what I took away from the experience. The eerie sounds composed together capture the creepiness of walking around the ruins in the dark. Though overall the experience was beautiful and fun, the history and the darkness around the Abbey Ruins is what I wanted to focus on. The image on the video was shot with my Canon EOS Rebel and edited slightly. Interestingly, the lines painted on the ruins were made with projection lights. I thought this added another element to the ruins, giving them a new look in the night.

Feel free to share your experience with this recording below in the comments section or share on social media using the hashtag #CoreOpulence

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