By the River Thames: Soundscape of Bridge Gardens

I traveled to Maidenhead’s riverside Bridge Gardens with the goal of capturing sound field recordings and photographs of the river. Little did I know, I would stumble to find more than just geese!

The Ada Lewis Memorial Fountain was placed in Bridge Gardens in 2010. Originally a drinking trough for horses in the 1908, the trough was converted into a fountain that is illuminated at night. Ada Lewis was the local benefactor. Here is a photograph of the top of the fountain:

Up until 1903 there was a toll house on the bridge. Maidenhead townspeople were unhappy with the toll house and ‘freed; the bridge, subsequently throwing the gate into the river.

Bridge Park is located right off the River Thames and the Junction of Bath Road and Ray Mead Road. There is a combination of nature and urban sounds that fuse together. In the below recording you will hear geese, traffic, running water, and wind. I have also added some soft piano to accompany the recording.

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