Soundscape or Ambience? ‘Alternate Reality Cafe’

This piece was inspired by living in lockdown.

Since lockdown started over a year ago, I had to transform my kitchen into a makeshift café to help get my coffee fix throughout the day.

I wanted to create a different sense of ambience that we would usually hear in a typical café (like jazz or indie), as this lockdown has made the streets feel almost post-apocalyptic and eerie. Using the continuous drone throughout the piece, I feel, encourages the other-worldly eeriness I was going for.

Though I used ambient sounds, I also believe the field recording from my kitchen uses the soundmarks as a way of documenting the kitchen soundscape. In this piece you will hear sounds of myself making coffee, from heating water to stirring.

Likewise, the photo is the lovely coffee I had, curtesy of my kitchen and I think this combination of audio/ visual allows the listener to have one foot in reality and the other in an alternate world.

Listen here:

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