Teaching my first Undergraduate Seminar

I am happy to say that on 6th May 2021 I taught my first undergraduate lecture for the School of Performing Arts at the University of Wolverhampton.

Title: Rediscovering & reimagining spaces through soundscape design & multimedia 

Description: Sounds are elements that make up the environments we interact with. With our perceptions, sounds are associated with certain locations, like the whispers in a library, or the laughter at a comedy show. Yet, these sound signposts can be recorded or manipulated to capture the essence of the environment. In this seminar, Madison Miller, PhD music researcher at the University of Wolverhampton, will review the latest research in soundscapes by sharing how spaces can be reimagined through her  recent soundscape designs. Specifically, with field recordings, ambience, and using a multimedia approach. 

Though this was an optional seminar for students to attend, many joined in! I received a wealth of comments and questions regarding my PhD research and really enjoyed the engagement.

This seminar was hosted through the virtual learning platform, Canvas, which allowed for the seminar to be recorded and shared openly. To watch the seminar, please see the YouTube video below:

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