Photography Competition Winner #wlvARC2021

The Annual Researcher Conference (ARC) at the University of Wolverhampton is hosted during Researchers’ Week each year. “Researchers’ Week aims to provide postgraduate researchers with the opportunity to develop their research skills and knowledge development, as well as their networks with other researchers and their community of practice” (Source: University of Wolverhampton).

This year Researchers’ Week was conducted entirely online, as well as open and free for the public to enjoy.

This year the theme was ‘Vision 2030 – Developing our Research’ with a focus on Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, making Impact and addressing Societal Challenges within their own research or broader research area. (Source: University of Wolverhampton).

Alongside the ARC, the University of Wolverhampton has a variety of competitions for PGRs to enter.

This year I entered into the Doctoral Depictions Photo Competition 2021.

“As part of Researcher’s Week and ARC2021, Doctoral Depictions is another way in which we can share the breadth and quality of research being undertaken by research students and is also an opportunity for students studying at a distance to take part in the conference activities” (Source: University of Wolverhampton).

I am proud to say I won the competition this year with the following submission:

Visual Cues for Sonic Textures

I photograph alongside field recordings to generate visual/audio soundscapes. During this photo-set, I shot 400+ photos whilst field recording in Epping Forrest. I used other photos to generate a stop-motion + soundscape, but found the atmosphere of this photo eerie and a stand alone representation of the feeling of loneliness.

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