Reimagining the art of listening: Soundscape design paired with photography (BARN Virtual Colloquia)

Happy to share I will be presenting my research: Reimagining the art of listening: Soundscape design paired with photography.

Join me on 11/11/21 at the British Audio-Visual Research Network (BARN) Virtual Colloquia, an international, virtual community of scholars and practitioners from all disciplines engaged with the study of music and sound in audio-visual media.

To learn more, please visit:

Abstract: Sounds are elements that make up the environments we interact with. With our perceptions, sounds are associated with certain locations, like the whispers in a library, or the laughter at a comedy show. These sound signposts can be recorded through field recordings and manipulated to capture the essence of the environment, transforming the audio into a soundscape. Since the conception of soundscapes in 1977 from R. Murray Schafer, soundscape design and understanding has changed, now often including visual elements to the soundscape piece, the most popular being in movies and video games.

My current research is inspired by YouTube presentations of soundscapes, which include images paired with sound in a video format. I am looking to see how listeners interact with soundscapes paired to photography, particularly if positive responses can be evoked from the listener. My work is also built from guided meditation, but rather than using speech to guide the listener throughout the music, I use field recordings paired with my photography.

I will share my current works (generated closer to the time of presenting) and explain the creative process, output of soundscapes paired with photography, and how images can transform the understanding of soundscapes.

Biography: Madison Miller is a PhD candidate studying soundscapes at the University of Wolverhampton. Originally from the United States, Madison received her BA in in Philosophy, Psychology, and English in 2015 from Millersville University. Later, she moved to England in 2017 to pursue her MA in Media and Communication at Bournemouth University. In the past, she ran the Millersville University Philosophical Society. She currently runs the Doctoral Students Society at Wolverhampton.


The audio was recorded in London, UK at midnight. The photo with this video is a photo I shot at the recording location. I am collecting different sounds and making immersive experiences for my PhD research project in music. Ultimately, I am looking to see how sound impacts the mind and body. Feel free to share your experience with this recording below in the comments section or share on social media using the hashtag #CoreOpulence.

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