January 2022 Launch: Music and Mental Health Group

About the Music and Mental Health Group Launch

The Music and Mental Health Group will launch at the 2022 BFE / RMA (British Forum for Ethnomusicology and the Royal Musical Association) Research Students’ Conference at the University of Plymouth. The website will also go live at this time, allowing for members to view content and sign up to the mailing list.

This conference is “aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate music students, music academics and music practitioners, the conference will have an interdisciplinary focus drawing on the expertise in composition, music technology and practice-as-research of the world-leading Interdisciplinary Centre for Computer Music Research” – University of Plymouth

Register here: https://bfe-rma-conference-2022.github.io/

Join the Workshop

During the 2022 BFE / RMA Research Students’ Conference a Music and Mental Health Workshop is scheduled. During this time, the Group will be introduced and delegates will take part in some activities provided by the University’s mental health group on techniques to deal with stress and recognizing mental health issues.

About Music and Mental Health Group

‘Music and Mental Health’ aims to raise awareness of the mental health crisis among musicians through the prism of music education, creation and performance. It offers a platform for the promotion and fostering of research and collaboration concerning the interaction of music and mental health. It provides a safe space for the exchange of experiences and stories, and an evolving database of Mental Health resources. The Group promotes inclusivity, diversity and inclusion, addressing music practitioners, scholars, students of all backgrounds, in particular groups currently at risk. We pay special attention to non-affiliated and freelance individuals as well as immigrants and non-UK students and musicians.

To get involved, sign up to our mailing list or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Being a Digital Officer for a new Study Group

As the Digital Officer/ Marketing Coordinator, I have volunteered my time to help launch the Music and Mental Health Group. Some of my responsibilities include:

  1. Logo creation
  2. Marketing message / mission statement
  3. Build & maintain website
  4. Develop & run Twitter & Facebook
  5. Assist with communications / mailing list

The launch of Music & Mental Health has been in the works for a few months. Inspired by the Covid-19 Pandemic, the committee came together during a time where mental health was impacted to those in the music sector. We hope to continue developing the group to bring a space to share stories and offer resources to those in need.

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